Africa: the streaming market in full swing!

Africa: the streaming market in full swing!

Africa has approximately 3.5 to 4 million subscribers on paid streaming services. A service that manages to compete with the famous DTT despite a penetration rate of 0.3% to 0.4%. The problems of connectivity related to the Internet in the African continent remains however a major challenge for the development of video streaming.

A rush to Africa

Streaming television is gaining ground in Africa. More and more local platforms such as Multichoice or Iroko are choosing to move towards it. The continent has also become the playground of streaming giants such as Netflix or Prime Video. 

In this race for African productions, the powerful American platforms have the advantage. Local producers are not able to compete with their huge budgets. 

Viewers are largely attracted by Netflix to the detriment of Showmax or Multichoice.

The 4G challenge

The internet connection remains a major obstacle to the development of streaming services in Africa. Many landlocked areas do not have internet access. In some connected areas, the quality of the connection leaves much to be desired. The cost of access to a quality 4G connection remains exorbitant, greatly reducing the customer base for streaming players.

Streaming has a bright future in Africa because it has before it the huge mobile Internet market.    However, if the cost of the Internet connection is not factored into the economic equation, the number of African users using these services will remain limited.


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