Nairobi: bicycles are flooding the streets

Nairobi: bicycles are flooding the streets

Cycling has become a very common practice in Nairobi recently. Residents of the Kenyan capital have found countless advantages in this form of transportation, especially in this time of pandemic. This new passion makes bicycle dealers very happy. Their turnover continues to double since last year.

« In 2020, sales have clearly climbed, » says Jimmy Karumba, owner of a bicycle store. « Cycling makes it possible to get to work, while keeping social distances by staying fit and reducing transportation costs. »

A very risky practice

In 2020, accidents have increased enormously. Nearly 69 cyclists died in the capital, according to the National Transportation Authority. Many cyclists are unable to master their bikes to be able to move safely in the capital’s heavy traffic. And motorists are not very skillful either.

« They don’t pay attention to us and some are ready to push us down the road, » complains Steven Odhiambo, a practising cyclist. « In spite of everything, I still ride my bike. It’s so much healthier and faster ».

The Ethiopian example

Many cyclists now ask the authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure their safety during their travels: « our leaders must, whether they like it or not, provide safe conditions of practice to all those who now prefer to travel by bike, » asks a city planner, Cyprine Odada.

Kenya could thus follow the example of its Ethiopian neighbor who built in 2019 nearly 200 km of bicycle paths in the capital Adis Abeba.


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