Morocco: the pandemic is totally demolishing the country’s tourism sector

Morocco: the pandemic is totally demolishing the country’s tourism sector

The revenues of the tourism sector in Morocco recorded a loss of 42.4 billion Dirhams equivalent to 4.2 billion dollars for the year 2020.

Almost all tourism activities have been curbed by COVID- 19. Morocco recorded half of the decline in tourism revenue in 2020. The country experienced a drop of 53.8% compared to 2019, a loss of 42.4 billion dirhams equivalent to 4.2 billion dollars.

According to Ny Fenitra Maminiaina Solofonirina, economic analyst, this sharp fall is due to the measure taken by the government to fight against the spread of coronavirus. Border closures are forcing tourism institutions to stop operations abruptly. The frequentation of the airports as well as the hotels were strongly affected. The rate of people entering the country fell by 78.9% at the end of November 2020 and overnight stays by 72.3%.

From the economic point of view, the pandemic has led to a general decline in the national income of the state. Subsequently, the economic growth of the country is declining, specifically the GDP.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the Moroccan state with relative measures alleviated, entries and exits from the territory resumed. However, tourism companies experienced improvements in the range – 46.1% compared to – 80.1%. Half of the activities are in decline in the country. This return has recovered the share of income.

Tourism jumped by 7.8% in 2019. In recent days, travel restriction policies have been planned to fight against the new wave of contamination. This campaign aims to achieve a goal of collective immunity.


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