Zambia: Emerald production resumes!

Zambia: Emerald production resumes!

The Kagem emerald mine is opening again, just as the price of green gems is trending upward. Zambian emeralds will be back on the trading market, starting next week via virtual auction. The mine supplies 25% of global production, according to figures given by the Gemfields Group. 

The resumption comes nearly a year after the mine was shut down following restrictive measures taken to contain the spread of Covid-19. For this reopening, the group is not skimping on the means in terms of barrier actions and measures to anticipate the pandemic. As a result, employees have been subjected to rapid testing and have been provided with protective masks. 

Established on a site of nearly 41 km2 , the mine supplies 25% of the world’s emerald production. Its closure resulted in a drop in Gemfields Group revenues and a 78% year-on-year decline in emerald production. 

The Kagem mine stands out for its exceptional quality emeralds that can exceed diamond prices. A giant emerald of 5655 carats was also discovered there in 2018.


Photo credits: emeraude

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