Kenya: Record hotel booking rate for the Easter holidays!

Kenya: Record hotel booking rate for the Easter holidays!

Kenyan hotels in the coastal resorts recorded a 95% booking rate for the Easter holidays. This rate has even reached 100% for some hotels.

Most hotels are already fully booked thanks to the Pascal long weekend which started on Friday and will last until tomorrow.

According to the Executive Director of the Kenya Hotel and Restaurant Association, Sam Ikwaye, « many hotels in Mombasa’s South Coast have recorded a 100% booking rate. The coast remains a tourist destination for the majority of tourists and for Easter.

Hotels have also revised their rates to attract domestic tourists. Prices are now more affordable.

The increase is also due to the introduction of new air services from Nairobi to Mombasa and Lamu by the low-cost carrier Skyward Express.

In response to this large wave of tourists, security conditions in the country have been improved.


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