Botswana: local production of an electric car in August 2021

Botswana: local production of an electric car in August 2021

Baylee Enterprises  Ltd, a private company headquartered in Botswana’s capital Gaborone, is expected to start full production of electric cars in August this year. Peggy Serame, Botswana’s minister of investment, trade and industry, said that the company was currently importing electric motors and other parts needed to assemble the electric car in the southern African country.

« The company plans to start full production by August 2021, » Serame announced in parliament while responding to a question from a fellow legislator who wanted an update on the development and production of electric cars.

According to Serame, the company has developed the prototype of the electric car and is currently in the compliance process with relevant stakeholders, including the Botswana Department of Roads, Transport and Safety. Serame said the electric car would go a long way in reducing air pollution in Botswana.

According to a Journal of Health and Pollution published late last year, Botswana is ranked among the most polluted countries with severe air pollution, despite a population of just over two million people.


Photo Credits: car factory

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