Judo Seminar: 20 African countries expected in Abidjan

Judo Seminar: 20 African countries expected in Abidjan

The Judo seminar will be held in Abidjan this Saturday, May 1st. More than 25 presidents and leaders of African Judo Associations are expected to attend. The event will be held under the theme « Day of reflection on African Judo for future generations ».

This meeting is an initiative of the Ivorian Federation of Judo and related disciplines (FIDJA). It is a continuation of the one already organised last February in N’Djamena.  The workshop was devoted to the implementation of a development plan. The idea of building high level centres for African judokas was also discussed.

It should be noted that these actions are part of the presidential campaign of the African Judo Union (AUJ), whose elections are scheduled for May 18.


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