81,000 liters of liquid medical oxygen exported to Tunisia

81,000 liters of liquid medical oxygen exported to Tunisia

An export operation of 81,000 liters of liquid medical oxygen to Tunisia has been launched by the Algerian private company specializing in the production of industrial gases (Calgaz-Algeria), learned Thursday from officials of its unit in Ouargla.

It is thus three tankers with a capacity of 27,000 liters each, having left Thursday at zero hour from Ouargla to Tunisia via the Algerian-Tunisian border post of Bouchebka, in the wilaya of Tébessa, told APS the director of the unit of Ouargla of Calgaz-Algeria.

Second of its kind after the one carried out last November, the operation comes under a partnership contract on the supply of industrial gases, oxygen and nitrogen liquefied in particular, said Nadjib Khedim.

With a daily production capacity of 334 tons and a large distribution fleet to ensure the delivery of its products to its customers, Calgaz-Algeria has two units located near strategic oil and gas areas in the wilayas of Ouargla and Laghouat, he said.

Supply hospital structures in liquid oxygen is part of the activities of the company that has supplied, last year, more than 250 hospital structures across the country in liquid medical oxygen, free of charge, as part of a solidarity action against the health crisis caused by the pandemic of coronavirus, he said.


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