Dahkla Atlantic: new port hub in Africa!

Dahkla Atlantic: new port hub in Africa!

1.1 billion dollars! This is the cost of the construction of the New Dakhla Atlantic port in Morocco. A project that meets both geostrategic objectives, regional development and objectives specific to the fisheries sector. The port aims to become a key economic axis that will reposition the entire region on the maritime routes.

Much more than a construction, it is a strategy!

Erecting the Sahara as an engine of continental development through the development of its maritime domain: this is a task to which Morocco is sticking for several years. The construction of the port Dahkla Atlantic tends to further strengthen the economic and trade links between Morocco and its African depth. The port will also be a maritime interface of economic integration and a hub of continental and international influence.

In addition to this, this large-scale construction aims to support the economic, social and industrial development of the southern provinces, especially in the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, in all its productive sectors such as fishing, agriculture, mining, energy, tourism, trade, industries, and much more.

An economic axis

As one of the gigantic projects in the Moroccan Sahara, Dakhla Atlantic will undoubtedly reposition the entire region on the maritime routes. Equipped with an industrial-logistics zone, a commercial exchange zone and another dedicated to the development of maritime fishing activities, the Atlantic port will undoubtedly become a real autonomous economic axis.

A modern port like that of Dakhla Atlantic will certainly contribute to highlight the region of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, as a gateway to the countries of the African continent, including West Africa and more a factor of attraction for local and foreign investors interested in exporting to Africa, especially under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Note that the construction will benefit from an overall investment is estimated at 10 billion DH (1.1 billion USD) and will be erected in Ntireft, 40 km north of Dakhla. The construction is expected to last at least 7 years.


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