Tunisia: export of 80000 tons of stone fruit in 2021!

Tunisia: export of 80000 tons of stone fruit in 2021!

Export 80,000 tons of stone fruit to Libya, France and Italy is the goal that Tunisia has set for the year 2021. A goal officially announced by the Acting Director General of the Interprofessional Group of Fruit (GIFruits), Helmi Kalai.

The export season of stone fruit has begun since April 2021 to the Italian, French and Russian markets. The production of stone fruit is estimated at about 284 thousand tons. An increase of 7% compared to last season.

The Governorate of Ben Arous occupies, according to him, the first rank in the national production of fruit, followed by Kairouan, Sidi Bouzid, then Manouba and Beja.

The fruit production sector in Tunisia represents about 30% of the total value of agricultural production. It contributes to the export of more than 11% of the total production of agricultural products to foreign markets. It also attracts about 15% of the total workforce and 51% of the seasonal workforce.

Regarding the production of peaches and nectarines, the harvest for this season is estimated at about 152 thousand tons. This is an increase of 11% compared to the previous season.

The harvest of apricots and plums amounted to 28 thousand tons and 18 thousand tons respectively. It records an increase of 6% compared to last season.

In addition, the harvest of dry almonds is estimated at 65.7 thousand tons. An increase of 5% compared to last season. While the harvest of cherries should reach about 7900 tons and the governorate of Siliana accapare about 95% of national production of this fruit.

The results of the past season have recorded a remarkable decline in the quantities exported. Especially to Libya, which accounts for about 70% of the quantities of Tunisian fruit. And this is due to the impact of the pandemic coronavirus and the closure of land borders and air with this country brother.


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