Cameroon: Banana exports plummet!

Cameroon: Banana exports plummet!

Total banana exports amounted to 13,186 tons in April 2021. An export down 2,916 tons, or 22, 11% compared to that of April last year, according to statistics made public by the Banana Association of Cameroon (Assobacam).

This drop of 22.11% occurs while the public agro-industrial CDC, with exports of 1,354 tons in April 2021, has regained the file of exporters, on which it was not included in April 2020. In any case, an analysis of the statistics shows that this decline in the quantities of bananas sold on the international market by Cameroonian producers in April 2021 is the result of the underperformance of the Plantations du Haut Penja (PHP) company.

According to Assobacam figures, this subsidiary of the Compagnie fruitière de Marseille saw its exports plummet by 4,148 tons in April 2021. Since they peaked at only 10,817 tons, against 14,965 tons in April 2020.

The same is true for Boh Plantations Plc, whose shipments of products to the international market have also fallen by 122 tons. They fell from 1137 tons in April 2020, to only 1015 tons year-on-year.

Assobacam does not justify the reasons for this decline in exports. But, on observation, it can be attributed to a much harsher dry season than in 2020. As well as the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which has greatly impacted the international supply chain, slowing down import-export activities in the world.


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