Egypt, soon to be a major exporter of renewable electricity?

Egypt, soon to be a major exporter of renewable electricity?

Egypt’s ambition is to become one of the continent’s future exporters of renewable electricity. The country aims to sell green energy to Iraq in the near future thanks to new power lines to be built with its immediate neighbors, including Jordan, the country through which will transit the power destined for Baghdad.

Indeed, the two countries, the Egyptian supplier and Iraqi final customer, are separated by their common neighbor that is the Jordanian kingdom. However, before transferring electricity produced from solar or wind power to Iraq, it will be necessary to significantly increase the transmission capacity across the Gulf of Aqaba. It will be necessary to increase the capacity of the existing 13 km long submarine cable between the two countries to a maximum voltage of 400kv that can carry a power of 500MW.

It should be noted that Egypt is taking a giant step forward in the field of energy. The country already has 1700 MW of installed solar power, to which are added 1465 MW of wind power. In addition, huge investments are being made to increase fossil fuel production.


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